sweet friend

I just want you to know that I know.

We should be celebrating.  There should be joy.

And instead – you sit facing a reality you could never have imagined.

I just want you to know that I know.

I ache for you.

And yet, in the deepest parts of me, I am beyond convinced that God is writing a beautiful story.  In your grief, I beg you to face it.  Hurt.  Feel.  Sink your toes into the sand or hiking trail or fall leaves wherever you find yourself today.  And know that He sees.  He cares.  And oh my goodness how He hasn’t left you alone.  It’s the furthest thing from it.

Your reality hurts.  I will not sugar coat that or pretend like it’s not a big deal.  But in every part of me, I know…He is writing beauty into your life.  I cannot wait to see what your future holds.  Press in.  And when you can’t, call me and come over and we’ll eat ice cream and dance or throw things if we need to.  You aren’t alone.  And when/if you doubt…I’ll believe for you.  You can borrow my faith.  Chances are, I’ll need to borrow yours sometime, too.

  1. Judi

    October 9th, 2012 at 5:39 pm

    I don’t know who this is for but, I cried for them.
    You never know what goes on behind the smile and the words “I’m fine” People are really good at hiding their reality when it’s too painful and they think no one will understand – or worse – that no one will be there after they share it.

    Thanks for continually being real.
    Love you.

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