how to prepare for your photography session: part 1

A few weeks ago I traded the role of photographer to become a client.  And I’m CRAZY GRATEFUL for that experience.  Not only do I now have pictures that mean the world to me (and pictures that I’m ACTUALLY IN with my kids) but I also learned a lot about what my clients (and anyone’s clients) go through when preparing for their session.  So I just wanted to pass on some things I learned along the way that might turn out to be helpful.
And if they do – come over and we’ll have a big dance party in my living room.  I’ll have some iced coffee on hand and we’ll celebrate.


Your session (if kids are involved) is going to feel like UTTER CHAOS at times. You’re going to wonder if your photographer was able to capture ANYTHING.  Provided you’ve chosen a great photographer – TRUST THEM.

Heather is an AMAZING photographer.  I’ve watched her work for years and even had the privilege of documenting a wedding with her.  I’ve oohed and ahhed and gotten all teary eyed as I look through the way she captures love.
But the truth?  I have three little kids.  And well…they have a little bit LOT of personality.  They have also been given a tendency to run after anything.  Period.  And they came equipped with what seems like a homing device for any animal that moves.  She’s great with kids so it was never completely out of control.  But I remember visually seeing why it seems like there is NO POSSIBLE WAY she could ever get a good picture.  One child’s in the dirt, another is chasing a cow – I mean seriously, how could she be getting a good picture?
But she did.  It’s what she does.  Her work doesn’t lie.  Ive seen over and over all of her beautiful images and even though our session looked like the first ever no-way-is-there-a-good-picture-coming-from-this at times – I looked through the images and was BLOWN AWAY.

The best possible thing that I did to make our pictures look great?  I relaxed.  I trusted her with my whole heart.  I let her know of anything ahead of time and during the session that meant a lot to me.  And I just soaked up every moment with my kids.
I tell my clients all the time that if they will simply be themselves, I can take GORGEOUS pictures all day long.  So… I practiced what I preached.  I stopped worrying and I started playing tag and hugging my kids and laughing at their antics.  And it worked.



  1. Jenni Bailey says:

    I LOVE reading this from your point of view, Amy! I have seen that look on my clients’ faces many times – the “nothing good is happening right now, why is she still shooting?” look. Having someone you truly trust behind that lens is SO important.

    • amypaulson says:

      Thank you so much, sweet Jenni! I learned so much from the other side. And your clients definitely don’t need to have that look on their face – EVER!

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