Sometimes I feel stuck.



I look at my 3 little ones and though I’m grateful for them, I get bored.  I feel like a short order cook who continuously pours milk and juice all while trying to keep them alive and make sure the health department doesn’t shut my house down.  The thought of taking them anywhere seems overwhelming.  All the diapers.  The sippy cups.  The snacks.  We might as well just stay home and…be bored, go stir crazy and hit each other.


So…I’ve been trying a new exercise lately: not thinking.

Instead of coming up with every possible reason I shouldn’t do something or every difficulty I might face were I to take them to do something – I’ve simply tried to turn off my mind.

Just go.  Do.  Trust that what I need will be there.


And for a plan ahead/prepare for ANYTHING/shy away from anything that is too hard mommy of 3 – it’s hard and yet SO WORTH IT.
This exercise led me to invite my parents to Nashville for a road trip, load 3 kids into the car for a 4 and a half hour drive BY MYSELF and think it was totally possible.

Here are the lessons I’m so glad I learned:

1.  My kids love their swimming goggles.  Their deep commitment and love for those goggles led to their unanimous decision to wear their goggles the entire way to Nashville.  Like…into Starbucks for a potty break and the gas station for – another potty break and Wendy’s for lunch and…

2.  When one person has to go potty, EVERYONE has to go potty.  Leaving young children in the car is frowned upon.

3.  It’s difficult to go potty yourself while holding a one year old.  You may find yourself wanting to ask a stranger to hold your baby.  Refrain.  Especially because juggling all three children in this manner makes for better stories.

4.  Handing said one year old your phone to keep him entertained while waiting in the bathroom stall for his siblings to go potty is, in fact, a bad idea.  My phone missed death by toilet by a mere inch when that he decided to fling it.

5.  Making your mantra “Yes, and…” with your kids instead of “no.” can lead to some hilarious moments.  And peanut M&M’s.  WIN.

6.  Driving in a severe/I cannot see the road/oh-my-word-is-that-hail-accompanied-by-torrential-rain storm on the interstate with all three kids is quite a feat.

7.  Dalt’s is worth every last mile.

8.  My little man is so considerate of the ants that he refused to throw up on the grass because “the ants don’t like it” and insisted I find a bucket.  I never found him a bucket, but I enjoyed a good 20 minutes in a McDonald’s parking lot with him.  Although I wouldn’t say the baby enjoyed those 20 minutes…

9. The Rainforest Cafe may terrify your baby. Counseling may be necessary one day…good thing I know a great counselor.

10.  Somehow it all works out.  You’ll be oh so glad for your adventure and a hero in your kiddo’s eyes.



I LOVE this place…

When the jaguars we were seated near at the Rainforest Cafe came to “life” this happened.  Every.time.  I scarred my child for life.

Our little lady was brave and got her ear pierced.


  1. Mandy says:

    Love these pictures. Love the stories I’ve heard and read about this trip.

  2. Lisa says:

    Looks like a lot of fun. Glad you went. You are an awesome mom! You can see that by how happy your kiddos are!!

  3. Rob Sackett says:

    You are great. And it is also great that the kids wear the googles in the whole car ride, but not in the pool. Classic.

    • amypaulson says:

      YOU are great. Thank you so much for thinking of us the other day, too. And yes, the goggles in the car but not the pool made me laugh. I love them…

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