fred the lion

My daughter’s class has a lion named Fred.  My daughter LOVES lions.  She will happily explain how she is fluent in lion.  And then proceed to speak and translate…

So you can imagine how CRAZY EXCITED she was when she was picked to take him home for the weekend.

Lately I’ve been trying to rethink my life as their mom.  With three kids and all the crazy things that happen on a daily basis, it’s really easy for me to just go through the day to day.  Somehow make it through…  I find it’s easy for me to dismiss their thoughts and their ideas in an effort to finish our never-ending to do list.  So I’ve been trying to learn to get behind their ideas.  To stop and enter into what they are excited about.

Thus the best weekend for Fred we could possibly put together.  (and J’s stuffed animal, Richard.  Super important fact because Richard is JUST AS special as Freddie.)


We started off by visiting the Martin Luther King Jr. Historical Site.  Dr. King grew up less than 5 miles from our house.  Every time that we visit, I’m overwhelmed by the sacredness of this place.


Fred wanted to walk in the march.

This is where Dr. King Jr. was born and raised.  Though you are able to take tours of his home, all the tours were already filled by the time we got there.  (If you come to visit, get there early or go on a weekday.)

At Ebenezer Baptist Church.  It has now been restored to what it looked like when Dr. King Jr. was serving there.  His sermons play in the sanctuary.  It’s beautiful.

After all that adventuring, Freddie got hungry.  So we headed over to one of the best burger places in Atlanta: Farm Burger.  (Even though our favorite one is in Decatur…)

Fred and Richard waited patiently…

My sweet little teething man…

This is the picture after we ended our dance party to an Nsync song.

We had to go by Fernbank and take Freddie to see the dinosaurs.

Then we headed over to the Grant Park Festival.  It was awesome.  There were SO many free crafts for kids, live music, tons of people and fun.  The kids had a blast.  It was a little overwhelming at times since I was there with the oldest 2 by myself, but we survived.

They were giving out free popsicles, so we had to share…

After that we went to the zoo.  We thought Freddie would want to meet another lion.

Freddie’s paws were tired.


But he perked up when he met a girl…

We finished the day up with playing a game of hide and seek. We found him…


We had a blast.  My little girl was SO happy.  And she knew a little bit more just how much we love her.

Looking through these pictures, I’m so grateful.  For these memories.  For her smile.  For his hilarious expressions.

And all of these places?  About 5 miles from our house.  At the most.  I love this place.

  1. Courtney Conklin says:

    So sweet Amy! Remember that old cell phone commercial with the little green dinosaur? The girl was trying taking pics and sending them to her daddy? You totally topped that! I’m glad you’re loving your new city! Your children are very fortunate to have a mom like you! <3

  2. Judi says:

    That was the coolest thing. I used to do Flat Stanley when I taught K & 2nd grade. You get an A+ girl.

  3. Laura C says:

    Love it!

    • amypaulson says:

      Courtney – Thank you so much! We had a blast. And I totally remember that commercial… Judi – Thanks! And what kind of animal was Flat Stanley? I didn’t realize you taught K and 2nd grade. You’re just that cool. Thanks for the kind grade! And LAURA! That’s a good thing, because I love you. Now I just have to convince you to come visit Atlanta!

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