monika and breyne

She tried to set him up with her best friend.

Needless to say, that didn’t work out.

He had fallen for her.  And before long?  She fell for him.

And what started as a middle school acquaintance soon became best friends who were ready to go through every step in life together.


Monika and Breyne – first of all (please imagine me squealing as I write this) I’m so excited for you two!  I cannot wait for next May!!!  Thank you for waking up at a crazy early hour, complete with an incredible truck and a love for each other that made 6 am TOTALLY worth it.

Monika and Breyne, y’all are so wonderful.  And GORGEOUS….

So…just for fun, I sometimes ask my couples to show me different emotions that I name.  I just love seeing their reactions to each other and what they come up with…

Let’s just go ahead and say it – DANG.

I’m not gonna lie – I just love this moment.

There you go again, bein’ all beautiful and such…

LOVE this series…

So…Breyne and Monika started dating in high school.  Which meant that I HAD to take some pictures in a high school.  And some of my other amazing clients who teach at Wheaton Academy were so gracious as to help us have an “in” so we could do a few shots there.  (Thank you, Corbett and Josh!  Love you two…)


If you’d like to see more from their session, just CLICK HERE to view their SLIDE-SHOW.

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