japan, best friends and little ones…

We had two hours.

It wasn’t long enough.  But honestly – no amount of hours ever would be.

When I found out that my best friend would be in the States from Japan and along our travel route while we were road-tripping – I planned everything else around seeing her and her sweet little ladies.  (If only her husband could have been there…)  She was suffering from major jet lag and I was suffering from month-long-road-trip-craziness.  But those two hours meant the world to me.

Katie.  I love you.  With all my heart.  And some how, some way, I’m coming to Japan to see you.  For more than 2 hours.


Asher was SO excited to see someone his size.  She had him mesmerized.

I call her PRECIOUS.

This makes my heart so very happy.

Then…even though they had been up since 3 am due to extreme jet lag, I made Katie and her little lady join me outside for 7 minutes to take some pictures.  This is what happened in 7 minutes.

Her sweet little baby had to go down for a nap soon after we arrived, but I couldn’t resist documenting the details of this age in this moment…

Girl…I love you.  So much.  I don’t know where I would be without you.  (Probably Old Orleans…)

PS: if you do happen to live in or near Tokyo or have friends that do, I am looking to plan a visit there.  (How could I not with this sweet family waiting for me there?!?)  I would love to document relationships while I’m there, so please email me and introduce yourself if you might be interested in capturing memories while I’m there.

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