goodbye facebook

For the past year (or possibly more) I’ve taken part in a really ugly endeavor called comparing myself to others and feeling incredibly inadequate.

And yes, I mean that I’ve taken a VERY large part in this.

My main mode of such action?  Facebook.

Though I’m GRATEFUL for a way to stay in touch with my precious friends (and clients) around the world, if I’m being honest, lately it’s just become a black hole of awfulness for me.  I sit and I feel like less of a mother.  I see images from other photographers and come to the conclusion that I suck.  Sometimes I have even grieved what we could be doing if we didn’t have kids…or had more money…or had more guts…or…  And I’ve imagined most everyone else to be doing life in a much better way than I am.

But there’s something I can do about it.

I can have my husband change my password and not tell me until after we document a sweet couples’ wedding on August 10th.

I realize this could probably hurt my business.  I realize I probably won’t feel as connected to some really great friends.  BUT…the health of my soul is worth it to me.

It’s time to start taking in how God feels about me and stop the comparison game/pity party for me that I usually go through.  It’s time to connect with my kids.  And not have that “outlet”. (yes.  This scares me.)  It’s time to simply focus on my husband or my tasks once my kids go to bed.   It’s time to force myself to make new friends and go above and beyond to really connect with some old ones.

With that said, I do adore staying connected with friends and clients and friends I haven’t officially met yet.  I’ll be here sharing my life and thoughts and the stories that I’m blessed to have come into my life.  And I will personally respond to comments.  And you are welcome to email me anytime at  We are going through a new transition right now as Ted is going back to work full time and I am fully devoted to my kids without any official office hours as I’ve had in the past, but even if it takes a little extra time, I’ll get back with you.  Who knows – I may have so much more time I’ll realize it’s a lot easier than I think.

And to all of you whose birthdays I’m not notified of – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Thanks for joining me here.  I’m truly grateful for all of you who come and share encouraging words, refining words and your stories.  So grateful.


  1. Mandy says:

    Way to go! Love you.

  2. Camille Deann says:

    Amy, I understand what you’re going through! I still want to get together. Once my kids are back in school & the renovations in my basement are finished it will be easier for me to get away for a few hours. After August 16th my schedule will be a lot more flexible! In the meantime I am praying for you. Know that God has a purpose and a plan for your life. You are making the right decision, one that will benefit you and your family. You will get through this! 🙂


  3. April says:

    thank you for sharing. So much of what you said is exactly how I feel. I’m joining you! Giving up facebook until August 10th. You are amazing and I’m grateful for you giving me the push I needed to give up something that (lately) has been a negative in my life.

    • amypaulson says:

      I know I already emailed you, but thank you so much for your encouraging words. And for entering into this with me. I think you’re incredible.

  4. Erin Krause says:

    Hey friend!

    I love this! So proud of you and am challenged by your post! ummm….what if I told you Phil and I are thinking about vacationing in Georgia and would LOVE to fly in to Atlanta so that we can spend some time with you?!?! more details soon…:)

  5. Sher Kirschbaum says:

    Enjoyed visting your website. Love your work!

  6. Lisa says:

    Just remember Amy, the things you see on Facebook are only what people want you to see. All the good, never the bad. There are not many people who can be open and honest about things, especially on Facebook. That is something I truly admire about you. That you can share the good, as well as struggles, and for that you inspire people. People make their lives seem better than they are on facebook, more spectacular, that they have more than they do, etc. So don’t ever use Facebook as a comparison tool…’s like people photoshopping their lives ya know! Heck I’m guilty of cropping my big arms out of pictures so I appear skinnier! You are an amazing mother, and an awesome person with a very true heart. So don’t ever let anyone, or anything, make you feel otherwise!!!!

    • amypaulson says:

      Lisa, I’m still reeling over the photoshopping lives comment… Well, said. You’re great and thank you for your sweet encouraging words!

  7. Joyce says:

    You are such a wonderful mom, wife, friend, former co-worker, and photographer that I do not know how you could compare yourself to ANYONE! I understand what you are going through though, I went through the same thing, but I went off for a while and then made this new account just for family and personal friends, because, I could not listen to or read I should say other people’s negativity anymore. I will always keep in touch with you and your wonderful family…I love to see your work, it inspires me! God made you just the way he did all of us, PERFECT!
    Love you always,
    Joyce Neidlinger
    Hug those kiddos and the hubby for me!

    • amypaulson says:

      Comparison, unfortunately is far too easy… Love you to pieces and I’m so grateful for you! Thank you for being one of the best cheerleaders ever!

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