epic road trip: boston

We’ve been asked numerous times how and why we went on our road trip.  There are a lot of reasons (which I’ll be writing about soon), but for years we’ve wanted to visit Boston.

Why?  Because of the Boston Paulsons.

(and…I’ve never been there.)

Ted is blessed to have an AMAZING aunt and uncle, along with some of the best cousins you could ever ask for.  And for years, we’ve wanted to go visit them.

So…instead of continually saying “One day…” we thought we should make it happen.

We took a risk and put together an epic road trip that hinged on a few things: Visiting the family in Boston, seeing some friends in DC and documenting Gianna and Ryan’s wedding in Chicago.

When we left DC to head for NYC, we were nervous.  Our kids hadn’t slept extremely well which meant WE hadn’t slept much at all.  Both of us had calculated how long it would take to just drive home and then go to Chicago for Gianna and Ryan’s wedding later.  But we knew we wanted to take the risk so we could see our family.

Best decision ever.

Though the weather wasn’t exactly our friend (rain and cold…), we soaked up every last moment with one of the most amazing families in the universe.  In fact, none of us wanted to leave.  (our kids cried.)  We left inspired and grateful for such wonderful family, great memories, awesome conversations and Asher’s first time pulling up!

Aunt Joli, Uncle Ric, Jen, Nicole and Evan, thank you for opening your home to us.  For giving our kids piggy back rides, reading “one” more story, AMAZING food, great conversations and so much love.  We basically talked about how grateful we are for you guys the rest of the trip.  (Truth)  We can’t wait for you to come visit Atlanta or for another road trip out to you guys!  It was the highlight of our trip…



I cannot take a “normal” family photo of my kids to save my life.  But I love this picture times infinity.


  1. Nicole

    July 3rd, 2012 at 12:56 pm

    Love Love Love these pictures!!! Miss you guys!

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