(Small side note: If you know me well, you realize I’m sing “everybody’s got a water buffalo” in my mind.)

Buffalo, NY.

It surprised us.  In all the best ways.

We were able to stay with one of the most amazing ladies I’ve ever met, (but Inga…we missed you) eat at the best custard place numerous times and visit some awesome places with the kids.  Who knew Buffalo was so cool?

Since it wasn’t as big of a city and we were on a budget, Buffalo was our place to go explore a little more.  We started off by visiting the Naval Park.

Two things you must know: 1.  It is AWESOME.  Not only is the lake beautiful on your drive in, but the ships themselves are incredible.  2.  Though I started out with so much respect for those who serve our country, I left with even more.  After seeing the spaces in which these men lived, I was floored.  I left wanting to hug every veteran (and those currently serving) that I could.  So…if you happen to fall into either category (or you are the wife/husband, mom/dad or son/daughter) – THANK YOU.  Thank you for all that you do.  For the unbelievable sacrifices you’ve made.  You are incredible.



Something to note: J happened to be slightly shorter than several of the chains meant to keep people out of certain DANGEROUS areas.  Which to him meant – GO HERE.  Obviously.  He only gave us numerous heart attacks and had me concerned that he nearly fired an artillery gun.  It’s all good though.

Some of the sleeping quarters…

One more reason why I love her…

The photo on the right?  I merely took it because Hannah thought the word “scuttlebutt” was HILARIOUS.

After grabbing some lunch at Anderson’s, we headed out to Niagara Falls.  And yes.  We totally did Maid of the Mist.  With an 11 month old.  And it was AWESOME.

After exploring Niagara Falls, we simply had to try Buffalo Wings.  Our friends recommended Duff’s.


On the left – traditional Buffalo wing.  On the right – my sissy BBQ version.

I love these two ladies to pieces.

S’mores.  YES.

More road trip posts are coming – complete with some of the lessons we learned along the way.  In the meantime, thank you for being a part of our journey…

  1. Shannon says:

    There is a pizza place called Skuttlebutts up here now…we’ll take Hannah next time she’s in town:) Love these pictures! We will add exploring a ship with our kids to our bucket list for sure.

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