epic road trip: NYC

Oh, our epic road trip.

We’re home now.

It’s bittersweet.

(The bitter portion – our ceiling POURING forth water when the washer drained.  It’s awkward when it’s raining IN your house.  Welcome back.  The sweet?  I’ve realized that though I miss friends, I really do love Atlanta.  Quirky Peachtree roads and all…)

But let’s just pretend we’re back on the roadtrip, okay?

When we started planning this endeavor, we asked the kids to each come up with one dream they had for the trip.

(In hindsight – risky move.  But the best stories come from risks, right?)

J let us know his dream was to have ice cream.  DONE.

Hannah’s dream?  To see the Statue of Liberty.

Originally, NYC wasn’t a part of our epic road trip.  But I realized that I want to the kind of mom who helped my kids make their dreams happen.  So NYC, it was.

The day finally came.  She was so very excited.  We left DC and set our GPS for Liberty State Park in New Jersey.  (Don’t hate.  It was easier to get to with three kids and we decided to save the difference for another trip when the kids are older.)

I’d like to pretend like it was all glorious.  That the day was like one in the movies…  Not so much.  (although that was the day we played leap frog in Baltimore.)  The kids were cranky and tired.  I threw up in New Jersey.  (So awesome)  I even texted my friend to pray because I thought I’d lose my mind.  But then we pulled into the parking lot.  And there “she” was.  And every last mile was worth it.  We made a DREAM happen.


This is what happens when I ask to take a “normal” family photo.

This kid.  He was SO sweet to me while I was SICK AS A DOG.

That look?  On that precious girl?  I’d drive back RIGHT NOW for her.  In a heartbeat.  PS: Please note our PRECIOUS, SLEEPY sweet little good-natured baby who put up with this entire trip…  Sweet little buddy.

Me.  Taking the next picture.  And feeling so very in my element.  In my Adidas running shoes.  And EVERY last layer I could find in the car.  (60-something degrees was QUITE the surprise we found waiting for us.  Along with the fact that I left my jacket in Atlanta.)

J kept losing his flip-flops.  He would sob.  I didn’t want to forget it.

This man?  Pretty sure he carried ALL of us through parts of this trip.

I have NO idea what was going on here.  But I love it anyway.


I was there!

Playing tag all the way back to the car…

These are positively out of order.  But I’m including it anyway.

Thanks, Lady Liberty.  We’ll come back again some day…


  1. Leslie Pace Davis says:

    These are some amazing shots! Of both the landscape and BEAUTIFUL children! You inspire and amaze me! I don’t think I could ever pull of this kind of trip with only TWO children and the lack of an army to help… You ROCK!!!

  2. Mandy says:

    These are sooo great! Love hearing about your adventures. Love you all!

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