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With so much joy, excitement and cartwheels, I’m pleased to give you my NEW website address.  Complete with so much awesome-ness from the ladies at Earl&Layne.  I love them.  You’ll hear more about that tomorrow.

Come visit me here:


Tomorrow there will be a post filled with thank yous, fist pumps, dancing, insider stories, outtakes and so much more, but today holds only one more thing:  thank you to the love of my life.


There are so many people who have made this possible – and I will be thanking all of you over the next few days and shouting out your kindness from the rooftops, but today – I want to thank my husband.  Ted Paulson, I could NEVER have walked this road without you.  Nor is there anyone else I would have wanted to walk it with.  Thank you.  For seeing in me things I couldn’t see myself.  For buying grand gifts that spoke to my very heart and unleashed within me something I was made to do.  For watching the kids so I could take time to figure everything out.  For making me popcorn while I sat at my computer working on a few more tasks.  For making dinner 4 out of 7 night a week for a while there, if not more.  For leaving me little notes saying I could do this.  For listening to me start 5 sentences without finishing 1 in an attempt to process the ideas bouncing around in my head.

Thank you for seeing me.  The real me.  The me Idon’t even see.  The me that God sees.  That’s always been you.  Seeing in me what I had no idea was there.  I love you beyond measure.  I know I was one of the hardest people to live with EVER over the past few months.  Between health challenges, wanting to give up and having to COMPLETELY reexamine who I am as a person, an artist, a friend and every other role – I was not the most fun person to be around.  But you loved me.  Unconditionally.  You pushed me.  You researched endless things.  You held me.  You reminded me of what actually matters.  You kept me going.  You carried a LOT of photography equipment and took pictures that made me want to be a better artist.  You spoke truth over me – time and time again.  You’ve patiently loved me in my worst and pushed me towards my best.  This business, this work, these kids, these dreams we’re chasing – never would have happened without YOU.  Thank you.  I cherish you so much.  And I hope to spend the rest of my life showing you that.


And this modeling pose?  Perfection.  Reason 649,709 that I love you.

  1. Mandy says:

    This is why you and Ted are awesome.

  2. Amy, wonders cannot describe how proud of you I am! Seriously, you did it! You are finally sharing the real you and it is absolutely amazing!! So so amazing! I cannot get enough of the website! Stunning! Good job! Ah having a dance party for you!!

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