8 years

My eyes opened.

Today was the day.

I couldn’t decide if I had actually slept or not.  My eyes met Katie’s and we grinned.  “I’m getting married today.”  A few minutes later, Alicia tackled me.

I smiled.

I was starting my life with you…broken foot and all.  I wondered where you were and what you were doing and how you would react when you saw my wedding dress.  And I couldn’t wait for it all to begin.

I kept stopping throughout the day – remember this.  Remember it all.  Every last moment.


A lot has happened since that day.

A lot of coffee has been consumed.  Hardships have been had.  Numerous diapers have been changed.  Laughter has brought us to our knees.

And I’m grateful for every last moment.


The sad part?  I realize how much I don’t stop and appreciate it all.  And you. I keep pushing forward to the next thing.

So here I am stopping.

Love, you are incredible.  Positively so.

Your heart – it’s more intense and kinder than anyone I’ve ever known.  Sure…sometimes it looks different – I think I finally get that.  But your love runs so very deep.

You’re brilliant.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  Your mind and the way you see amazes me.

You’re an amazing dad.  Our kids are crazy blessed.

And I could keep going.  And I will.  Because 8 years later – know that my eyes are continuing to open.  And I’m going to stop.  And take all of you in.  Thank you for loving me even when I found fault before I ever saw what a gift you are.  I love you.  More than ever.


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