Road Trip Dates!

Please envision me jumping up and down with excitement at the mere possibility of telling your story. Because I am. And I may have potentially had too much coffee…
In just over a month, we’ll be setting out on our epic road trip and we hope that we can see you along the way. Below is a list of the cities and dates when I will have sessions available!

Washington DC – June 2-3
Boston, MA – June 5-6
New York City – June 3-4
Buffalo, NY – June 8
Holland/Spring Lake, MI – June 13 and June 20
Chicago, IL – June 15 and June 18th
Louisville, KY – June 22-23

On occasion, we will be able to open up an extra day near the dates already listed, so please know that it never hurts to ask. You are welcome to email me at

I cannot wait to see you soon!  (And this picture below totally sums up how excited I am to see you!)


  1. AMY how did you end up with the cutest kids on the planet?! He is unreal!!

  2. Laura C says:

    So, I love the moments I remember you have a blog and am able to ‘catch up’ on what is happening in Amy P’s life. I too wish I had a reason to have my photograph taken on June 22nd and June 23rd in Louisville. I do turn 30 on June 22nd, but having photos done of just me would be a bit excessive, and really serves no purpose. Having my triplet siblings involved in such a venture would be entertaining though. Talking my best friend into having a session (since she lives in Louisville) with her husband and six month old daugther would be great too. Hmm… I’m going to look into this. 😉 As always, thanks for being you, sharing your story and most of all for loving Jesus so much and sharing Him with the world!

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