ashley and david

Waffle House.  It brings people together.

Or at least in their case it did.

After meeting ever so briefly, (and having been told for months that they would be great for each other) he knew he had to spend more time with her.  She knew that was a great idea.

And so began their relationship.

Even though several hundred miles now separate them, in one month, they will begin their life as husband and wife.  This leaves me wanting to do back-flips.  Ashley and David, I’ve never been more grateful for Waffle House.  And the fact that two incredible people found each other and will now start a marriage that is going to bless anyone you come in contact with.  Thank you for letting me steal you away for a brief moment when I know every moment you have together is precious.  I’m already counting down the days until May 5th…


And Ashley…let’s just go ahead and state the obvious.  You.are.BEAUTIFUL.

You both brought it.

If you’d like to see more from Ashley and David’s mini-engagement session, just CLICK HERE to view their SLIDE-SHOW.  And Andrea Bustin…thank you for the beautiful tunes.

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