what should have been…

Six years ago today the unthinkable happened.

After “walking” (more like laying) through weeks of bed-rest and being reassured that I would be induced by 39 weeks, my due date came and went.

I was devastated.

She was supposed to be here.  In my arms. I was supposed to be looking into the eyes of my unexpected little girl.

But my blood pressure improved and they decided not to induce.

And she decided not to come.

Even though I tried praying her out, shaking her out, jumping, doing the twist and a whole variety of things that got a whole bunch of nowhere.

She just wouldn’t come.

I cried.  I simply could not be pregnant ANYMORE.

A week later she finally came.  They had to medically intervene, but she came.

And I met the little lady who would completely change my life forever.  Who just so happens to be the one in my life that will probably ALWAYS keep me guessing.

And you know what?  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy due date, sweet little lady.  You were worth every second of my wait…even though I doubted that while I was in the middle of it.


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