torie and colin: just us

These two?

Love personified.

It’s in the details.  The cute little crinkle in her nose when she’s holding his hand.  The brilliant smile he cannot hide when his eyes lock with hers.  The way he pulls her just a little closer.

They cannot hide it.  And the world would never be as beautiful if they did.

We spent a few hours together telling stories, playing games, baking and sharing life together.  And those hours?  Well…let’s just say I left dancing.  So grateful for these two.  And for what I do in documenting married couples.


Colin and Torie, I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for the two of you.  Thank you for entering my contest.  For sharing your story with me.  For laughing with me.  For owning your beauty.  For getting lost in the moment in the middle of a busy park.  And for letting me into your love for each other.   Let’s just say I adore you two.



PS: Yep.  They’re just that gorgeous.  And yes…they made brownies.  And yes…I squealed numerous times throughout our session.



If you’d like to see more from their “just us” session, CLICK HERE to view their SLIDE-SHOW.  And a special thank you to Devin Bustin for the beautiful tunes.

  1. madelyn says:

    yayy!!!! love love love love love!!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful work Amy! I love the warmth of the colors and how their personalities shine through ever image. Hope you’re doing well down south!

  3. lauren says:

    ummm these are dreamy. LOVE the baking photos. and if that was me, i would TOTALLY blow up the one of her in the kitchen to lifesize. and just look at myself all day long 🙂

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