megan and dan

I love her.  Fo’ realz.  (Yep…I just went there)

So when the ever-so-amazing Heather Maynard of H & M photography asked me if I could join her as she documented a beautiful wedding less than two months after having her sweet little baby, Augustus, I said yes.

Heck YES.

Watch one of my favorite photographers in action and get to join in with an incredibly amazing couple?  Absolutely.

And since Ms. Heather is busy soaking up time with the incredible boys in her life and starting back in with her amazing lifestyle clients, she gave me permission to go ahead and share some of the beautiful moments that defined her sweet couple, Megan and Dan.


Megan and Dan,  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Thank you for letting me join in such a beautiful moment in your lives and for making me feel like family.  Thank you for entering fully into every moment.  And for not being afraid to share that with me.  And for sharing your clearly contagious joy.  I’m so grateful for you two.

These two were married at the incredibly beautiful Little Gardens in Lawrenceville, GA.

To know me is to know that I love shoes that tell you a little bit about the person.  Megan’s gorgeous shoes did NOT disappoint.

About five years ago, Megan’s father passed away after battling cancer.  To honor him and still have him as a part of her day, she tied his ring into her bouquet.

Can we say STUNNING?

I stepped over to visit the boys briefly and couldn’t help but fall in love with this moment.


My breath?  Taken away.

This is Heather’s husband, Matthew.  Let’s just say he’s incredible.  And I loved the bow tie.

This is who they were smiling about…and yes, she stole the show.

Matthew was my test subject for lighting the family formals afterward.  I promised I wouldn’t post these to Facebook.  And this just so happens to NOT be facebook…  Have I mentioned how awesome he and Heather are?!?

When I take family formals, I instruct family to lift the bride’s dress a bit and tuck their shoes underneath.  That way everyone is able to get a little bit closer and no one steps on the dress.  When Dan’s aunt joined for her turn and realized she was still holding her purse, she tucked it underneath as well.  LOVE!!!



I’m just going to say it: I LOVE receptions where everyone dances.  Because I’m also known to bust a move.  And sing nearly EVERY song.  This crowd?  They BROUGHT it.

Since Megan and Heather have been good friends since middle school, Megan wanted Augustus to be there as well.  Heather’s mother-in-law graciously watched him throughout the getting ready process and the ceremony, but at the reception, he made his appearance with his momma.  And so…I could NOT resist THIS:


This woman is amazing. 


If you’d like to see more from their wedding, just CLICK HERE to view their SLIDE-SHOW.  And the gorgeous tunes are courtesy of the ever-so-amazing Andrea Bustin.


And a Vendor Recap:

Cake, Catering, Flowers and Venue: Little Gardens
DJ; Black Tie Events
Photography: Heather Maynard of H & M Photography
Super Side-kick: Amy Paulson

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