shine love…(and a chance to help kalyn and ryan)

The moment she rolled through the door and he saw her face, he couldn’t control his smile.  In bits and pieces, he started putting together sentences.  And he squeezed her hand, rubbing his thumb over her wedding ring.

Amidst stitches, wheel-chairs, nurses, IVs and a host of other hospital room paraphernalia, love filled the room.

I sat there in awe of our amazing God.  Two and a half weeks ago, Ryan’s body lay in the ICU lifeless.  And yesterday, there he was, smiling.  Holding his bride’s hand.  Eyes dancing.

Prayers from across this beautiful world have poured forth every hour.  And God has done the unthinkable.  The unbelievable.  Ryan is here.  He’s responding to lots of questions.  He’s able to give his trademark thumbs up.  And from the look on his face, I’d say he’s even more in love with Kalyn…

I cannot thank you enough for praying.  And I ask you to continue to do so.  Ryan still has another surgery next week and has a lot of rehabilitation work ahead of him.  (And can I just say that my clients are amazing?  So many of you have reached out to check on them and wanted to support the two of them in various ways throughout this time.  I’ve been blown away by your love and the community that God put together in my clients.  So beautiful…  Y’all are AMAZING)

I wanted to let you know of a way that you can help…

Yesterday I spent a little bit of time with two amazing ladies I’m convinced will change the world.  No joke.  They happen to own one of the most adorable/awesome clothing stores ever.  And when they heard about their sweet friends Ryan and Kalyn, they wanted to do something to help.  Right now, Ryan is of course unable to work and with precious Kalyn’s broken collarbone, she is also unable to continue her current job as a waitress at this moment.  (Besides the fact that she’s giving all of her energy to healing and being with her precious husband)  So these two ladies designed a T-shirt based on the tattoo you can find on Ryan’s right arm.  (Which also happens to be in Longhorns colors, just for Ryan.  If you frequent this blog much you’ll remember the Longhorns shout-outs they had at their wedding…)

Here’s a little glimpse of the T-shirt that will be added to my closet VERY soon…  (And just click THIS LINK to go order yours and be a part of helping Ryan and Kalyn and adding an AWESOME shirt to your wardrobe)




And to close, here are a few more shots of the beautiful Ashley and Crystal who are behind all the awesome-ness going on over at Shine-Love…  They rock.


Don’t you want to be best friends with them, too?  Thought so…

You can join them over on Facebook HERE.

And for updates on Ryan and Kalyn, you can follow their journey HERE.

  1. Mandy

    February 6th, 2012 at 8:16 am

    I bought one!

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