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A few days ago I uncovered a journal from two years ago.  I read through my prayers, my fears, the words God had spoken into me and everything else.  I came across an entry that stopped me.  And spoke truth into me again. Today, I just wanted to share that with you.  It’s my story.  And it might be yours, too.


Out of the pit He rescued me.
He came
When I didn’t know I needed it.

He came.
Love written on His strong arms.
Approaching me when I wanted nothing of the sort.
And yet my soul laid bare crying out.

He entered.
Because He knew.
And He loved.
Even though my worthless self thought I was better.
Thought I was good.
Thought I was fine.
Thought I had no need.
Though reality painted a far different picture.

He waited.
Until I would turn.
Until I could turn.
Until I looked to see the filthy rags I had tried to pawn off as beautiful.

Truth greeted me again.

Ripping to shreds the lies I had held dear.


Exchanging lies for hope He came.
And changing.

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