sweet baby a

Sweet baby A,


Oh little man…  Your mommy and daddy are amazing.  AMAZING.

Those two love you with everything they’ve got.  Please don’t ever forget it.

Your mommy was a rockstar.  She focused through contractions and your daddy was always there, supporting her, encouraging her and excitedly awaiting your arrival.

For some reason though…you decided to have your head turned the wrong way.  Which leads to a thing called back labor.  You owe your mommy for this one.  You’re 100% worth it, but it’s hard to manage the pain.  After being an absolute warrior (and doing so on less than 2 hours of sleep) your mommy decided the best thing was to get some help so that she could sleep and greet you with more energy.  Let’s just say it – your mommy is so incredibly brave.

A few hours later you entered this world.  And though your mommy will be taking SO many amazing pictures of you, seeing as she’s one of the most incredible photographers EVER, since she was busy bringing you into this world – I had the AMAZING privilege of documenting your arrival.  The fact that you’re oh-so-talented mommy entrusted me with this honor means the world to me, little man.  And seeing the love your mommy and daddy have for you sent me home filled to the brim with even more love for my little ones.

Enjoy every last moment with your mommy and daddy.  And just so you know, I CANNOT wait to see the pictures your mommy is going to take of you.  Oh.my.goodness.





PS: Heather and Matthew – I don’t even have words.  Thank you for giving me the incredible privilege of documenting this part of your life.  Honestly, I was completely intimidated as I thought about capturing such an important moment in the lives of two people who are such incredible photographers.  But your graciousness, kindness and bravery welcomed me in and put me at ease.  Y’all rock.  I’m so glad we’re now regional neighbors.


  1. Heather Maynard

    January 27th, 2012 at 12:33 am

    WOW! I’m in tears reading your sweet words. We are so, so lucky to have a friend like you to document that incredible day! I cannot EVER thank you enough!

  2. Mandy

    January 27th, 2012 at 7:29 am

    Wow. These are wonderful. Wonderful.

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