marissa & brandon

Two people.

With a love that’s contagious.

With a strength built from grace, humility and dedication.

With a kindness that I’m convinced will change the world of anyone who has the privilege of meeting them.

Brandon and Marissa, thank you beyond measure for including me in your road trip.  For your patience as I tried to discover all of Atlanta in one day.  For your graciousness that has continually blessed my life.  And for the encourager that the two of you are.  I cannot wait to see how you two will continue to bless everyone you meet this year…

At one point during our session, I asked Marissa to find a way to get Brandon to me.  This moment happened.  Which is one more reason why I love them beyond measure.

Brandon, you brought it.

Marissa, let’s just go ahead and take a moment to acknowledge how GORGEOUS you are.  Inside and out.

If you’d like to see more from their couple’s session, CLICK HERE to see their SLIDE-SHOW.  And Andrea Bustin, thank you again for the AMAZING music.


And…if you’d like to get some wedding inspiration from the incredibly talented Marissa and the Southern Weddings Magazine family…just head on over HERE.

  1. Marissa : ) says:

    Oh, my sweet sweet Amy! Thank you to the moon and back for this amazing session. We are so grateful to you! You’re incredible!! XOXOXO

  2. Mandy says:

    Love the bridges!! Looks like a nice location. Picturs as usual arer awesome. Love the,. Nce job!

  3. COME ON NOW! Man alive, I love Marissa but I also love you. To have you both in the same post?!? Heaven.

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