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I have been meaning to write this post for nearly a year.

Yep, an entire year.

I find that sometimes – when something means SO much to me…when it transforms who I am…when it literally is a part of changing my life – I can’t find words that begin to express all that is going on in my heart.  So…I don’t write.  Because I don’t want to diminish the gravity of what happened.

Well…today, even though I don’t have the perfect words, I’m going there anyway.  Because I don’t want YOU to miss out on an incredible opportunity.

Nearly two years ago, I stumbled upon Natalie Norton’s blog.  I still don’t quite remember how I got there – all I know is that God graciously knew that I had SO much to learn from this incredible lady.  And that I was supposed to watch her journey and pray for her and her family as she walked through losing her precious Gavin at 8 weeks of age to pertussis.  (Before I continue, please go HERE and learn more about getting your vaccine.  Whether you’re an aunt, an uncle, a mom, a dad or even a college student, you need a booster and we owe it to the little ones in our lives to protect them.)

Oh this lady…  I could gush for hours about her faith, her honesty, her photography, her love and so much more, but instead, I’ll ask you to read her blog.

Last year, she put together an intensive course called Breathe.

I read the description and I knew…I had to go.

She said she was starting a revolution.  I knew she was telling the truth.

At the time, we were walking through getting ourselves out of debt, but I knew I had to be there.  My soul needed to be there.

I talked it over with Ted, we prayed and I got the biggest birthday gift ever.  I knew that even if it meant stretching out one meal a day – it was worth it to my soul.  My business.  My clients.  My family.

I still remember walking into the class.  Honestly, I was nervous.  I took my seat and soon after we began.

For the next few hours, we listened, we shared, we journaled, we laughed and we absorbed truth after life-changing truth.

And at the end, amidst grateful tears, we all saw more clearly.  Who we are, who we are meant to be and how to BE that woman.

Of the many tools, truths and revelations this class brought – there’s one that rocked my world.  After Natalie shared her story, listened to ours and pushed us as we did some listening and journaling exercises – she said this…  (Or something very close.)

“I want to be truthful with you…when your kids come in and you are on the computer – you are telling them ‘this is more important than you’.”

She continued and helped us to see how we could make life and love and business work together, but that comment took the blinders off in my life.  I started to see how often I was telling my kids – the computer/my work/this phone call/this text message/facebook is more important than you.  And I knew there were some serious changes my life needed.

That day I left with grateful tears.  Inspired.  Excited.  And ready.  Ready because I had the tools and the truth to love my husband, rock in my business and give my everything to the precious little ones I have the privilege of calling my kids.

This year, Natalie is offering this intensive again.  With more.  Quite honestly, I considered flying back out to Vegas just for this workshop.  Because I can tell you personally – it would be worth it.  Unfortunately, this year it doesn’t work for me to be there.


You cannot miss out on this.  Your soul is worth this.  Go learn more about it HERE.



And here’s a little glimpse of what I got to be a part of early this morning.  More from this precious little one’s entrance into the world tomorrow:


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