you know who you are…

Dear You know who Y’all are,


For approximately 30 minutes I’ve tried to figure out what to say.   How to say a big enough thank you.  How to possibly let you know what has happened in my heart because of your kindness.  And the truth is – I don’t have words.  I only have tears…that are currently streaming down my face.  (I may dislike you slightly for causing that.)

Your generosity has ruptured my heart in the most beautiful of ways.  Grateful tears just keep coming.  Thank you.  Thank you for believing in me.  For sharing your lives with me.  For being many of my guinea pigs when I started out.  And for overwhelming me with such an unbelievable gift.

When this dream started for me, my heart longed for there to be social justice component to my photography business.  A way to give back.  A way to connect people all across the world and just across town.  This lens literally makes that dream possible.  My hope is that this gift changes the world.  And in the process changes me.  And maybe even you.  Chances are, grateful tears will be shed every time I place it on my camera.

So…thank you.  Thank you.  And thank you some more.  My heart is not the same because of this gift.   Thank you…





For those of you who are stopping by and confused by my cryptic message, some incredible friends and clients got together and decided to get me a lens I’ve longed for since the day I started in photography.  Yes, I’m floored.  And blessed.  And in a heap of grateful tears.
My prayer is that you would have friends like this.  And that we would all choose to be a friend like this.  Because this kind of love and sacrifice can change worlds.  I know.  It’s changed mine.

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