I’m pretty sure I reached and exceeded every emotional limit I’ve ever had.

My precious little baby decided to abstain from his naps and cry for most of the day.  (Poor little buddy)

J grabbed the cactus in our back yard.  (Yep.  A cactus.  In our backyard.  In ATLANTA.)

I pulled spikes out of little man’s hands.

I hauled two adventurous kids into their first ever trip to Kroger in the city 3 days before Christmas.

I regretted said decision and nearly cried in the middle of said Kroger while trying to find white cheddar for our special Christmas Eve dinner.

J nearly ran over a blind woman with a grocery cart.

Hannah had a meltdown wanting to go “home” because she thought Kroger didn’t give out cookies like SuperTarget.

A kind-hearted bakery worker gave my crying child a cookie, even though I’m not sure they normally do so there.

It rained nearly all day.

Hannah joined me in rocking precious little baby and singing “You are My Sunshine” at least 7 times.

We realized my dog was missing.

My amazing father who was just diagnosed with shingles, walked my entire neighborhood in POURING rain with me yelling for said dog.  Both of us came back looking like drowned rats.  7 hours later my jeans are still wet.

I met several of my neighbors.  And managed to terrify a few who originally thought I had lost my child.

I learned that I am either awful with google searches or searching for animal shelters can be a difficult endeavor.

I learned what county I live in.

In an attempt to call animal control, I was immediately connected with 911.  I then proceeded to explain to the precious (and patient) dispatcher that I had “just moved to the area and didn’t know what county I lived in and was trying to find my missing dog who wasn’t wearing his tags and had no idea how I ended up getting 911.”  She graciously calmed me down.

I texted my husband that I lost his dog.

My husband got home, asked about the dog at a local grooming business and was informed that “Sue” the “dog whisperer” had found him and was taking care of him.  Weight lifted…

I learned that I have NO IDEA how to use a gas stove.

Dinner didn’t taste so great.  Unfortunately, I can’t tell if the temperature was too low or too high.

My little man managed to get himself into the baby’s crib.  Still not sure how he managed that.  Still laughing as I recall hearing my dad walk in and say, “J.  What on earth did you do???”

I talked with my mom for over an hour and loved every minute.

Found J awake at 10:30 pm in his room.
Me: “J…are you okay?
J:  “Yeah”
Me:  “What on earth are you doing?”
J:  “I don’t know”

I thanked God that tomorrow is a new day…



  1. Mandy D says:

    Holy. Cow. You need a hug and a glass of wine!! Way to not give up and going little by little – you can do it!!! So sorry about crazy crazy day!! Love and prayers

  2. Lauren says:

    Any, hang in there my dear friend! It is an awesome journey that the Lord has your family on! Maybe sometime we will be able to cross paths when we are visitng my family in upstate South Carolina. Merry Christmas!


  3. Judi Grein says:

    Brutal day Girl!
    May the rest of your weekend be much less stressful. I hope you have some time to relax and enjoy Christmas and those precious children and your wonderful husband.
    Merry Christmas Amy!

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