moving pictures…

Yep, I’m punny.

Okay…I must stop.

It’s crazy to think that this was less than two weeks ago…  But this is a glimpse into our lives over the past two weeks….  Though it was hard to pick up a camera during that time, I’m so glad I have these moments.  Forever.

Our story.  In pictures.  Moving pictures…

The last night in their beds at our old house…


Hannah’s last day at her old school…after which I cried buckets.  To all of you teachers out there – thank you beyond measure for what you do.  You are a gift.  You love our children and infuse them with a love of learning.  Thank you…

As I wiped away grateful tears as we drove out of Chicago and said good-bye to some of the greatest friends a person could ask for, I decided that if we were leaving behind something wonderful, we needed to add something wonderful.  Enter turning long, sad drive into “epic mommy/daughter road trip of gratitude and awesome-ness”.  I cannot thank God enough for this idea.  Instead of spending more quality time with I-65, we decided to get to my parent’s house through Bloomington, IN, home of IU, where I started college.  Hannah and I toured some of my favorite places and took some pictures in honor of some friends that changed my life.  We also made good use of my self-timer.  (But I learned I should probably get a tripod at some point…)


Attempt #1

Attempt #2

Where Ted and I had our rehearsal dinner the night before our wedding nearly 8 years ago…

Katie, Kenji, Alvin and Brian – if you happen to be reading this – this one’s for you.  I miss having dinner with y’all there…

A little shout out to one of my best friends in the universe who happens to live in Tokyo.  (PS: If you happen to know of a bride and groom getting married in Tokyo – point them in my direction.)

A little shout out to my roomie at IU at our first dorm.  She just so happens to be the most amazing harpist ever…  And this picture makes me laugh every time…

Where I spent quite a few hours while a voice student.  And Jenny….if you’re reading this – this one is for you.  Miss you, lady.

After staying a night with my AMAZING parents, I left our precious kiddos to join Ted in unpacking.  On the way, I got to have dinner with some of my favorite people…who also happen to be the precious couple who gave me the privilege of documenting their wedding, which happened to be my first wedding as lead photographer.  That day changed my life.  Not only are these two incredible, that day also confirmed that I was made to be a wedding photographer.  (And that’s our dog Stanley…)

After that wonderful meal, I got to drive to our new house…that I had never seen…that our precious friend picked out for us.  Yep.  True story.

  1. Mandy says:

    Ok first few picturs told got me teary eyed. Ahhhh Ill miss lots of memories n that home of yours!!! Glad you made it to Atlanta and so proud/glad you snapped picture along the way! I love pictures.

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