a word on dreams, part 2

Following your dreams.

It sounds so inspiring, freeing, beautiful.  And the truth is?  It’s all of those things.  And more...

But the more?  That can be the “holy crap, what-were-we-thinking/can-we-even-do-this” moment.

That moment hit last night.  Honestly, there have been several moments throughout the process, but last night it hit a lot harder. .

The truth is that living your dreams is scary.  It involves risk.  It’s about living beyond yourself.  It’s about going out on a limb…which is oftentimes a very shaky place to be.

And here we are risking.

It’s not comfortable.  But I’m trying to lean into the fears, the “what have we gotten ourselves into”, the “can I actually make it here” and the new.  (Let’s just say even going to Target in the city vs. the suburbs is an entirely different experience.)

As scary as the unknown can be, I hold tightly to four things:

One day, some of the unknowns will be known.
I don’t want to sit on the sidelines anymore watching everyone dance and asking “what if”.  I’ve wasted enough time there.
I could not be surrounded by a more wonderful family as we walk through the unknown together.
God is already here, walking with us through every moment.  Loving us every small step of the way.


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