dear me

dear me,


don’t forget a moment from today.  smile every time these memories cross your mind.

remember falling over into a heap of laughter as your marshmallow fondant cow fell apart.  remember every sugar-induced giggle that overtook your little ones as they shoveled chocolate chip pancakes into their little mouths.  remember your husband telling you that Food Network called and they said to keep watching…  remember them playing together for three hours with their new-to-them race track.  remember the look on Asher’s face when he rolled over and he was SOOOOO proud of himself.  remember how gracious your husband is.  how he let you take the kids to see the movie when you know he wanted to go.  stop in your tracks and thank God every day for such a loving, humble man.  remember their faces.  remember her little hand taking out as much popcorn as she possibly could.  remember busting a move in the parking lot of the theater with those two and not caring what anyone thought.  remember watching J talk to Me-maw and Pe-paw on your cell phone as he danced his way through Target.  remember picking out Reese’s ice cream because that’s what Hannah suggested.  remember precious friends bringing laughter and love into your home.  remember the green cake that didn’t taste great, but the frosting that rocked.  remember J shoving the entire black cow into his mouth and then begging to spit it out.  remember playing jack and jill and light sabers and 5 more minutes…  remember silly slappy the salamander stories and begging God to freeze time.

and then remember how blessed you are to have these precious little people in your life.  and this amazing husband.  and then give them everything you have.  and when you find you have nothing left – ask God for more.  and give it to them.

treasure every second.  love every last moment of him being 3.  and her being 5 going on 16.  and your little baby smiles.  and your handsome husband hugs.

let go of the fears and the I’m-not-enoughs and the I-just-need-to-get-something-done’s and soak it all up.  then turn around and help others do the same – whether it’s through your words or capturing moments through your lens.  because these moments?  gift.






  1. Mandy D says:

    Sooo wonderful!! Sorry I missed the dinner and party- blame RA.
    Love all of you

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