You know those emails (or letters) that bring tears to your eyes because you’re so scared to press send?

The ones where you finally ask. You come clean about that. You tell the person how you really feel .  You let that acquaintance know how they made a difference in your life.  You inform that friend you haven’t even talked to in forever that you’re so grateful for them.  You finally admit your dream to someone else.

You know…those kinds of emails?

Yeah.  I just sent one.  Tears started their campaign to overtake my sight as I hovered over the “send” button.

I felt so vulnerable.  So exposed.  So honest.

I wanted to back out.  Just close the message window and pretend it didn’t happen.  My head flooded with “what if she laughs at me?  What if she says no?   What if she thinks I’m a loser?”  (obviously my mind is stuck in 7th grade.  Fo’ real.)

The truth is…I think we should write more of those.  The ones that really expose us.  Sure…it may not go well every time.  But oftentimes, we have no idea the difference it will make in our own lives or the life of the recipient.

Because what if we miss out because we didn’t take the risk?

So my challenge: write those words.  Tell that person what a difference they’ve made.  Admit you need help.  Let that person know they’ve been on your heart even though you haven’t talked in years.  Come clean.

Life is short.  Speak those words…

(and yes, amidst tears I pressed send)


And to end, here’s a picture of my precious friend (and my sweet little baby) who’s constantly inspiring me to go for it.  To live.  And to love beyond myself.  I love her beyond measure.


  1. Caitlyn Williams says:

    I bet they love it

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