lauren and joe: part 2

Remember Lauren and Joe?  The incredibly sweet/beautiful/dreamy couple I’m head over heels for?  Yes.

It’s time to overwhelm you with beautiful details.  And awesome dancing.

Let’s do this.

First of all, have I mentioned that Lauren’s mom is absolutely unbelievable?  And so is her entire family.  It was one incredibly artistic/amazingly kind person after the other.  Lauren’s mom, “Peach”, asked Lauren for a list of what was important to her for the reception/ceremony decor so that she could bring it all together.  Remember this list.  Because what you’ll see in a moment will blow your mind.


The day started with a little family rehearsal.  That’s right.  Not only do they bring beauty to everything they do, they also sing.  And they prepared a special song for Joe and Lauren’s ceremony.

Then the decorating took off in full force.  It was time to take all the handmade details Peach had put together into place.


Lauren’s grandmother putting together a wreath for the reception…


Here is Peach herself with her beautiful daughter-in-law constructing the gorgeous bouquets.


What’s this you ask?  The dessert stands.  PERFECTION.

Here come some of the amazing details that made this reception.  Remember Lauren’s list?  Here is what it looks like brought to life.


Side note…Lauren used to be a barista so her mom incorporated coffee beans into the table settings.


No space was overlooked.  Literally.


The sweetheart table…complete with M&Ms.


And more gorgeousness outside…


This is the wreath that Lauren’s grandmother helped put together.  So precious.



And here they go to their reception…


The Appalachian Band.  Yes.  THE Appalachian band.



Even the food preparation had special touches




Precious moments with sweet people…


Classic awkward prom pose.  This pose will make several appearances as it’s made an impact on all of them…


Joe and Lauren’s brother shared a few hilarious moments…


Lauren with her siblings.  Perfection.


I fell in love.  Twice.


My husband caught this moment.  Love…


The playlist.  Epic.

Let the dancing begin…


Sweet hugs…


Never were there two more devoted sisters.


Joe.  I adore you.  Sooooooo much.  You’re one of the coolest guys ever.  No wonder you’re perfect for Lauren.


1.  I love that my brides and grooms rock the dance floor with their friends.  2.  These people rocked out on the dance floor.  So awesome…


Once again…coolest mom ever.  Peach, you taught me so much about the kind of mom I want to be.  I love you to pieces.


Great friends.  Precious friends…


Because no post would be complete without pictures as epic as these…


And some of my faves…  So much love to you Joe and Lauren…


  1. Mandy says:

    What a cool wedding!!! And fantastically awesome pictures

  2. Deebs says:

    Thank you Amy! I’m an old friend that was able to share in the joy through your blog and beautiful photos

  3. Peach says:

    Amy….what a huge blessing to slowly look thru all the wedding pics…. they are so beautiful!!! It was an AMAZING day for two AMAZING people! So thankful that you were there to share your amazing gifts and celebrate with us at the same time!!! THANKS!!

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