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There are times in our lives when people impact us so deeply, there’s no way to write their story without admitting that their story changed ours.

That’s where I find myself.

Last Saturday two incredibly beautiful people stood together amidst a forest filled with family and friends who would do anything for the precious people standing before them.  Those two people declared that for the rest of their days, they would share life together.  The good, the bad, the hard, the beautiful…  And as they shared beautiful words to convey their commitment, the hearts of the people surrounding them were so full that smiles, tears and laughter couldn’t help but come forth.

And as I watched the joy, the smiles, the little interactions and the love that defined the people present, I came away changed.  Ready to make my life about living like that.

Joe and Lauren – thank you.  Thank you for the love (and honesty and hilarious comments and incredible 90’s dance mixes) that you shared with us.  Thank you for inviting us to truly feel like a part of your family.  Thank you for playing “Baby” at your reception right alongside “mmmmmbop.”  Thank you for surrounding yourselves with some of the most incredible friends and family in the world.  Thank you for letting us have the unbelievable privilege of documenting the beginning of your life as husband and wife.  You two are a gift.  And as I look through your pictures, I constantly have a permanent smile on my face because you two are some of the most hilarious, gracious and beautiful people ever.  Thank you for living a great story.  We love you to pieces.


The beautiful bride.


Let’s just say it.  I was BEYOND in love with her dress.  Like nearly-fell-over-from-beauty-in-love.  (And just so you know – pictures like this don’t just happen.  I had an INCREDIBLE team of Lauren’s friends who guarded her dress from a fall with their lives and my husband’s resourcefulness saved the day.  I love him…)


Admit it…you love it, too.


If you know me – you know I love shoes.  I just love my brides and their shoe choices.  And Lauren did NOT disappoint.

The ring basket. 


It’s no secret that Lauren is an incredible friend.  Which also means that her friends are equally incredible.  I loved having the privilege of soaking up time with them.


This is a precious friend who couldn’t make it out the wedding…So she sent a picture of herself so she could “be there”.  Stay tuned…she makes another appearance later.

Lauren’s amazing dad.  I honestly wanted to adopt her parents into my family.  Besides – her dad’s name is Ted Pauls.  Which is nearly my husband’s name: Ted Paulson.  It was meant to be.

Her sweet husband-to-be sent her a beautiful card that morning.  Complete with hearts.

The incredible groom getting ready…  I learned something that day…tying a bow tie is incredibly difficult.  And I think I need to take a course on it to be prepared next time.Lauren…you’re stunning.  Even when you’re not paying attention.Sisters…Could they be any more precious?  I love this series…Take a moment and prepare yourself to be overwhelmed by gorgeous details…  It was a photographer’s paradise.  And almost every one of these details was put together by her mom or part of her extended family.  I was in awe of their artistry…Day made.  (That sign was made by her sister.  See what I mean?)I loved that the flower girl carried leaves. 

I love these…



I captured the moment the Lauren and Joe shared on the left while my husband captured this beautiful picture of Lauren’s family on the right.  Sooooo beautiful.We took Lauren and Joe off for a few moments to soak in the fact that they were married…


I love this picture.  And these people.  Their love is so beautiful.  Just like them…

Joe was kind enough to make sure her dress was clean after sitting on the rocks…  Lauren was kind enough to make it hilarious…




Her bouquet?  Made by her mom.  Lauren!!!!!!!!!  You are GORGEOUS.


Joe…you brought it.

And his boutonniere?  Lauren’s mom made it.  Do you understand why I’m begging her to be a wedding planner???While I was busy taking pictures of Joe’s handsome self…my husband caught this moment.  Ted Paulson…you are amazing.Ted’s picture on the left with my vantage point on the right.Two of my faves…There you go again bein’ all stunning…Yet another fave…Heading off to their reception.  Which is getting it’s very own post because of all the AMAZING details. 

And if you’d like to see more from Lauren and Joe’s wedding, just CLICK HERE to view their SLIDE-SHOW.  And a special thanks to Andrea Bustin for the beautiful music!

And as I mentioned earlier, come back Monday for pictures from Lauren and Joe’s GORGEOUS reception!

  1. Lisa

    September 30th, 2011 at 8:18 pm

    Awesome pics!! Love all the details of the wedding. Seems you and Ted make a pretty good photography team!!!

  2. Mandy

    October 1st, 2011 at 4:03 am

    Soooo fantastic!!!! Amazing job amy

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