katie and mike

She just wanted to talk with him.

There’s something about his voice that settles her.  It’s in the way he loves her.  The way his world stops for her.

But he wouldn’t pick up.

Frustration set in.  He had a busy workday – but she just wanted a minute.  A minute for their worlds to stop together.  To share a few moments of details with each other.  But he didn’t answer.

She was determined to still enjoy her vacation time with her mom though.  So they set out on a walk.

Little did she know Mike had gotten on a plane and was sitting nearby.  He’d been planning for a while.  I mean, she was the girl who had stopped his world.  He was there because he didn’t want to go one more minute without asking her to spend the rest of her life with him.
(Yes, he is that incredibly awesome)

That night, it became official.  She said yes.  And in less than a year, these two will gather together with family and friends to celebrate the fact that they will go through life hand in hand forever.

Katie and Mike, you two make me smile.  That big goofy, I’m-so-happy-I-can’t-hide-it smile.  We could not be more thrilled to document your wedding day.  It’s an honor.  (Times infinity)  Thank you for letting me into your lives to tell your story.  I adore you two and I’m already counting down the days…

(And a special thank you to the incredibly wonderful Nicole Roby for hair/make-up/wardrobe consultation and great cupcakes!  She’s SUCH a gift!)


Katie…you are GORGEOUS.  Just sayin’.

Mike brought it.


KATIE!!!!  Again with you being all stunning.  Oh.my.goodness.LOVE


Um…holy hotness.


Yes.  We seriously found a building that said sweet.

So we of course grabbed something sweet.


Practice for their wedding day.




And supreme cuteness factor…


To see more from their engagement session, just CLICK HERE to view their SLIDE-SHOW.  And sweet Andrea Bustin – thank you for the music!

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