baby jarot

Dear Sweet Little Man,


As I watched you snuggle into your mommy, I could tell that you know: you have been loved since before you were even a thought.  It makes sense.  With a love so deep that it carried through heartache, shut doors and mountains of adoption paperwork for six years – I’m betting you can’t help but feel it.  Your mommy and daddy went to any length, loophole, even hula hoop to find you.  And finally – you’re here.

Sweet baby, they amaze me.  They never gave up.  The road to you was a difficult one.  Their hearts were broken many times on their journey to you because they knew how precious you were, and all their best efforts seemed to get them no where.  And a whole bunch of no-wheres.  Doors were closed in several countries…until you came along in their own backyard.

As I sat and watched your mommy tell the story at her baby shower, my eyes filled with tears.  Tears of joy.  You are finally here.  And you are perfect.  (And you and Asher will be best friends…)  As I watched your mommy hold you I kept thanking God that I got to see this miracle.  You may not have grown in her tummy, but there has not been a moment that you haven’t been growing in her heart.  (Or your daddy’s….  He is SOOOOO in love with you.)

Thank you for not making your mom and dad wait any longer.  You are beyond precious and we could not be more thrilled that you are here…


To see more from my session with this precious little miracle, CLICK HERE to watch their SLIDE-SHOW.

  1. Lisa Schultz says:

    Beautiful!! Love the little man’s facial expressions!!!

  2. Love this! What a sweet tribute to them, as well. You are an amazing friend 🙂

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