jillian and rob

Smiles were everywhere.

Cameras flashed.  Memories were made.  Dance floors were rocked.  Even in the middle of a downpour.

Because these two…these two make it so you can’t help but smile.  Their love is the kind we all long for and you can’t help but cheer for when you see it.  Their love can withstand storms…which literally it did that day.  You see it in the way he gets lost in her gaze.  In the way she reaches for his hand.  And you can’t help but smile.

Rob and Jillian, it’s no secret.  I love you two to pieces.  And the privilege of having a backstage pass to such a BEAUTIFUL and special day?  Well…my heart and my face can’t form a smile big enough…  I’m so thrilled for you two and I’m so grateful that you had us there.  You two are amazing…




I saw her shoes and squealed.  I’m not ashamed…  I love it when my brides wear bold colored shoes!!!


I was SOOOOOO in love with her dress.


And her flowers…And her…  Jillian…you are so adorable.The handsome groom…


She’s this stunning BEFORE putting on her dress.  Oh.my.goodness.Can I just give my husband a shout out for taking such awesome pictures?  I guess it helps to have awesome/handsome guys to work with…Loved these next two…How cute are they?!?So…the morning of their wedding was all blue skies and gorgeousness.  Then…right after their ceremony the heavens opened.  And down it came.  These two were incredible and didn’t let it phase them.  So we worked with the rain…Jillian…again with you bein’ all gorgeous…When I went out to scout out their locations, I came across this field.  This BEAUTIFUL, amazing field.  Too bad it was raining like CRAZY.  For a few moments the rain slowed down, we hopped out and the incredible best man held the umbrella high over Jillian and we snuck in a couple of pictures before the downpour ensued.Enter ensuing downpour…Finally, the rain let up a little and these two were able to go out to their reception.  Oh, and just brace yourself for the incredible details Jillian put together herself.  Oh.my.word.so.awesome.


The cake fell down her dress.  Rob graciously offered to retrieve it.  So thoughtful of him…Their first dance…Jillian and her sister are oh so cute and had some fun rocking it out for me…Love these people.  So.much.fun.I asked them to close their eyes and take in the fact that they were married.  This is what happened…One more reason why Jillian and Rob rock…Oh Jillian…you are so beautiful…I asked Rob what he thought when he first met Jillian.  He then emptied out his pockets…Rob…you brought it.And again my husband amazes me…Okay…their family and friends rocked the dance floor.  Which I LOVE. And now to break down the reception details…  How gorgeous is this?!?

If you’d like to see more from Rob and Jillian’s wedding, just CLICK HERE to view their SLIDE-SHOW. And a special thank you to one of my favorite ladies, Andrea Bustin for the music.


And finally, a shout out to the vendors:

Rentals: Blue Peak Tents

Catering: Nel’s Catering in Somonauk

Music: Train Company

Beautiful Yard: Bruce and Jane Whitt

Cake: Julie Diveley

And I promise I’ll have the dress designer and florist listed in a couple of days!

  1. Cindy Moran

    August 25th, 2011 at 4:30 pm

    Amy you are very talented! I loved the photos, they made me smile, and I felt like I was there.

  2. happy anniversary: the shannon’s » Amy Paulson

    August 13th, 2012 at 8:19 am

    […] Posted in Weddings I cannot help but think of you two and smile.  So much love to you and happy anniversary!  May this year bring you even more beauty and wonder than ever before.  Love you […]

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