it’s time…

You can do anything, but not everything.

– David Allen


The past few weeks this has bounced around my mind like a super ball in a rubber room.  Yes…I just went there.

It has haunted me.  Questioned me.  Relieved me.  And challenged me.

And above all – it’s made me realize that it’s time.


The morning that I woke up and knew I was supposed to be a photographer – I also knew one other thing: I was supposed to be a wedding and couples photographer.

At the time I wasn’t sure why.  I loved weddings.  I loved the anticipation, the details, the love stories, the dancing, the joy, the beauty – the everything.  And I loved couples.  Giving them the time and space to reconnect.  Time to fall in love again.  Time to share their story and see how far they’ve come.  And be left with pictures that brought it all back in a moment.  But I also laughed because I was barely starting out..

I had no idea how to get there.  But I knew I was headed there.

And now it’s time to give my all there.

Which leads me to my latest announcement…  I will now be focusing my business around weddings, couples sessions and individual and intimate sessions.

Because…I can’t do everything.  And I want to be my best in those areas.  I want to give all that I have to my couples and their stories.  I want to take my art/story-telling role to a new level and it’s going to take all my focus.

So what does it look like?

I will only be accepting a very limited amount of family sessions each year with priority going to my returning clients.  I will also be accepting a limited amount of senior sessions each year as well.

This gives me the opportunity to focus, grow and give my all to wedding and couples photography.  Sometimes you have to say no to something to say yes to something else…


And as a side note: thank you to all of you precious friends who have affirmed me, encouraged me and loved me through my nerves to make it official.  Ya’ll rock.  And I’m so grateful for how you’ve pushed me and encouraged me to go for it.


And PS:  For those of you that were still hoping to do family pictures with me, I’m honored.  Thank you for trusting me with your story.  I will be offering a few mini-sessions that will be open to families in the month of September before we relocate to Atlanta.  I’ll keep you posted on the details…


And since posts are more fun with pictures, here’s one that means the world to me:

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