liz and trey

“I’m not nervous.  Is that wrong?”

Her mom just smiled.

No.  It wasn’t.

Not at all.  She was too excited to be nervous.  (And she had planned so well – all she had to do was enjoy this day to the fullest…)

When their eyes met for the first time that day, they held each other close and admitted they weren’t nervous at all.  Because they knew.  This love was the kind that stands the test of time.  This love was worth celebrating.  In a few hours they were going to marry their best friend.  And they were about to enjoy a day of celebrating with some of their closest family and friends.  It couldn’t get much better…


Liz and Trey, oh my goodness.  Do you even begin to understand how much we adore you?  You two ooze everything amazing in life.  I’m blown away to have such loving, giving clients.  And your kindness?  Well, let’s just say we left feeling like a part of the family.  Thank you for inviting us into your lives.  I could not be more grateful for the two of you and to have had a backstage pass at your wedding.  I hope you’re having an amazing honeymoon and I can’t wait to catch up when you get back!



Only Liz could actually pull off the Shirley Temple look…


Her shoes.  And you better believe I squealed.  Big time.


Getting ready with her precious mom and sister.  Did I mention how much I adore this family?!?


There Liz goes again lookin’ all gorgeous…


That’s one fierce looking couple.They even make alley-ways look good.


I was IN LOVE with the bouquets.


One of the best bridal parties EVER.




Favorite family photos EVER.


Such a good-looking bridal party.  They rocked it.


What can I say?  I was in love with her shoes and her bouquet…

I asked them to stop in the middle of the busy city and take in the fact that they were getting married.  This is the moment that happened.  And yes, my breath was taken away.

Some sweet moments as everyone got ready…Some of the coolest ushers ever.

I LOVE this.There was quite a bit of excitement…


For their reception, they used Kanan Cruises.  SO much fun.  And the view?  Let’s just say Chicago has my heart.  At least in the summer…


Their band, Out of Control, was just that…out of control AWESOME.


A few of their awesome reception details…  I loved the personal touches everywhere you looked.


They’re gorgeousness is too much for me to handle. 


A little change of shoes for the party…


They had biscuits.  Just one more reason I love Liz and Trey.  And the south…

Their first dance under the stars…


Their friends and family knew how to rock the dance floor.  And I’ll end with the backdrop we got to enjoy all night…


If you’d like to see more from Liz and Trey’s wedding, CLICK HERE for their SLIDE-SHOW.  And a special thank you to Andrea Bustin for the beautiful music.  Oh how I adore her…


And the vendors who made everything possible:

Hair:  Salon Rouge

Make-up: Natalie Clasper

Dress: Jenny Yoo

Dress Detailing and Alterations: Nicki Meadows Barr

Jewelry: Erin Gallagher

Cake and Cupcakes: Sweet Mandy B’s

Church: First United Methodist Church Chicago

Reception: Kanan Cruises

Band:  Out of Control

Flowers: Mary of Chicago Flower Company

Catering: Classic Cuisines Catering

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