lindsey and rob: may 28, 2011 wedding

When their eyes first met, the tears began.  As she walked down the aisle to the man that would finally be her husband, she could no longer hold them back and he couldn’t either.

Tears of joy.

Tears filled with love.

Tears that were there when words would only fall short of capturing the beauty of that moment.

(And yes, some of them were mine)

He took her hand, he drew her close and he whispered words into her ear.  Words of commitment.  Words of love.  And words of gratitude that she would be his wife.

And then they burst into laughter.

The way that it should be…

Their day echoed that dance of life.  The sacred pauses.  The joyous laughter.  And the absolutely awesome dancing.

Because these two are committed to living life to the full and their wedding day showed everyone how that’s done.


Lindsey and Rob, I love you two.  SOOOOOO much.  (And everyone who was involved in your wedding.)  Can we be best friends for life?  I would love nothing more.  Capturing the two of you starting your life as husband and wife was such an honor.  I sat there in awe of the beauty of your love for each other, for the people in your life and for the way you (and your friends) know how to celebrate the most important things in life.  Oh how excited I am to see what you two will continue to do and the ways you will pour out God’s love and joy onto everyone who has the privilege of meeting you.

And now…without further ado…Let’s just put it out there.  I LOVED her dress.

What can I say?  Her shirt was right…

Meet Rob.  One of the coolest grooms ever.

So Lindsey…I’m just going to say what everyone was thinking.  You.are.gorgeous.

One little glimpse into the sweetness factor of her bridesmaids…

It is highly likely that I squealed when I saw her bouquet.  Wouldn’t you?  Twisted Stem Florals put together such BEAUTIFUL bouquets…

This is the look on her dad’s face when he got to see her for the first time all dressed.

There she goes again being all GORGEOUS.  Fierce, lady.  Fierce.

I wrote about it earlier, but Rob and Lindsey decided to do a first look.  It wasn’t so much about having the opportunity to do most of the pictures beforehand so they could enjoy their guests, although that’s nice.  But what it really was about was the two of them.  For her to get to see his reaction without feeling the pressure of everyone watching or being distracted as she walked down the aisle seeing everyone who was there.  For him to be able to pull her close and hold her and tell her how much he loved her and how thrilled he was that she would be his wife without having to remain silent while listening to a message from their pastor.  A moment for the two of them to stop everything and just revel in the moment.  It was a way for them to fully experience that moment together and fully embrace the service later.  These next few pictures were taken after we cleared out the sanctuary and she walked down the aisle to her soon-to-be-husband.

This one makes me tear.This is why we do a first look.


One of my favorites…

This bridal party?  All kinds of AWESOME.


The cuteness factor of the ring bearer and the flower girl was overwhelming…Love love love…Much of the morning was overcast.  It was great for the lighting in pictures, but Lindsey had prayed that she would have sun on her wedding day.  Less than 30 minutes before the ceremony began, the sun came out shining in all it’s glory.  The moment she saw it, she thanked God and the tears came.If only I had audio from these two little ones squealing and racing down the aisle.  So much adorable….


Rob and Lindsey decided to incorporate washing each others’ feet into their ceremony.  It was a way to remember Jesus kneeling down before His disciples and doing a job that no one else would have wanted.  A way to pledge the lengths to which they are going to serve each other…I LOVED the getaway car…SUCH a beautiful reception!  And the cake…  Beautiful and oh-so-yummy.  The people from Central Continental Bakery did SUCH an amazing job…If only you could have witnessed this EPIC garter toss.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…Oh yes…he did.Their friends and family knew how to rock the dance floor.  I was so in love…


If you’d like to see the full SLIDE-SHOW from their wedding, just CLICK HERE.  And a special thank you to the incredible singer/song-writer Andrea Bustin for the music.  This is a song she wrote in honor of her parents anniversary and had them perform.  I just felt like it was the right fit…a couple celebrating more than 30 years of marriage providing the song for a couple just starting their married journey.  (Thank you Marty and Joyce Huff for the great vocals and for living the lyrics so that your daughter could write it!)


And as a full recap of their vendors:

Church: Village Church of Barrington

Cake: Central Continental Bakery

Reception: Poplar Creek Country Club

Flowers: Twisted Stem Floral

  1. Lisa Schultz

    June 3rd, 2011 at 2:47 pm

    WOW AMY…these pictures are amazing. And I love the way you tell the story. You truly are a very talented photographer and have such a great way with words. And I LOVE the dress! Keep up the awesome work!!

  2. Katie Razor

    June 9th, 2011 at 3:02 pm

    Thank you for sharing the pictures and describing their wedding with such detail and emotion. I teared up reading about it. I am a friend of theirs and was unable to attend, but I now feel like I was there. Thanks again.

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