why I love my brother…

I have two of the coolest brothers a girl could ask for.

They are talented, incredible men with absolutely awesome wives.  (Each has one wife…)

Here’s a little text message exchange that helps you understand why…

Me: I just head the news.  Macho man Randy Savage passed away.  We’ve already had a moment of silence and I’m planning on wearing black spandex for the rest of the day in his honor.  I’m sure you’ll join me…

(Side note: My brother and I were huge WWF fans back in the day.  And yes, I am well versed in all things Hulk Hogan, the Ultimate Warrior and Sargeant Slaughter…)

Chris (my brother):  Ooooooh yeah.  Sad to hear.  I may jump from the top rope in his honor.

Me: It’s only fitting.  And you should probably hit someone in the back with a folded chair when they aren’t looking.  All while snapping into a Slim Jim, of course.

Chris:  Just did it to Kim.

(Kim = HIS WIFE)


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