Liz and Trey

I couldn’t help but ask…

“What did you think when you first met Liz?”

He smiled.

He didn’t need to use any words…it was written all over of his face.  He knew she was beautiful.  He knew she was spirited.  And he knew that he could not let this girl get away.

And he didn’t…

And Liz?  Well, she’s more than happy about that outcome.  Because they were meant to be together.  To laugh.  To explore.  To soak up all the beauty that Chicago has to offer.  To bring Southern Charm to a cold city.  To bring a smile to everyone who has the privilege of spending time with them.

In just a few months, Liz and Trey will be getting married in the city that brought them together.  And we could not be more thrilled to be there and capture every moment.  Liz and Trey, just thinking about the two of you and your love for each other makes me beam.  Yes…beam.  I adore you two.  Times infinity…


Did I mention that these two are adorable?  True story…


This mural never looked so good.


Their cuteness factor overwhelms me.


How can you not love them to pieces?


They brought it.


Let’s just go ahead and state the obvious.  Liz – you are GORGEOUS.




If you’d like to see more from Liz and Trey’s Engagement Session, head over to their SLIDE-SHOW.  And a special thank you to Devin Bustin for the incredible music…

  1. AWESOME photos! They are gorgeous couple! Love your new blog 😉

    • amybritton22 says:

      Thank you so much, Maggie! I love these two… And may I just mention that I LOVE all the beautiful posts you’ve been doing? Girl…you rock.

  2. Erin Daniel says:

    I LOVE these photos! They are my favorite engagement session yet! And the blog looks great too!

    • amybritton22 says:

      I love you…Thank you so much for checking out the new blog. AND I love these two. This couple is the best. They’re originally from the south! No wonder…

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