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moving pictures…

Yep, I’m punny. Okay…I must stop. It’s crazy to think that this was less than two weeks ago…  But this is a glimpse into our lives over the past two weeks….  Though it was hard to pick up a camera during that time, I’m so glad I have these moments.  Forever. Our story.  In pictures.  […]

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Today… I’m pretty sure I reached and exceeded every emotional limit I’ve ever had. My precious little baby decided to abstain from his naps and cry for most of the day.  (Poor little buddy) J grabbed the cactus in our back yard.  (Yep.  A cactus.  In our backyard.  In ATLANTA.) I pulled spikes out of […]

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a word on dreams, part 2

Following your dreams. It sounds so inspiring, freeing, beautiful.  And the truth is?  It’s all of those things.  And more… But the more?  That can be the “holy crap, what-were-we-thinking/can-we-even-do-this” moment. That moment hit last night.  Honestly, there have been several moments throughout the process, but last night it hit a lot harder. . The […]

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you know who you are…

Dear You know who Y’all are,   For approximately 30 minutes I’ve tried to figure out what to say.   How to say a big enough thank you.  How to possibly let you know what has happened in my heart because of your kindness.  And the truth is – I don’t have words.  I only have […]

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a word on dreams

I grew up sitting on the sidelines. Watching. Wishing I were there.  Experiencing that exciting life.  Savoring.  Enjoying.  LIVING. But, there I sat watching.  Thinking there was something remarkable I just didn’t possess.  Imagining that God had just chosen to leave me out.  And day-dreaming of what I could do if only…(insert character trait, magical […]

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